Hardware Selections


The first step in building your security system is to select the B Series panel that provides the capacity and functionality needed for your application. There are four B Series panels that provide you a broad range of capabilities to choose from. Prepackaged kits are also available with and without keypads for easy ordering.

Capacity Chart







System Components

Details on the core security system components, including keypads, detectors, and outputs can be found below. Other compatible devices for more advanced systems can be found in the section Optional Equipment. The chart below provides an overview of the key components that are commonly used to build a Bosch security system.

System Overview


Choose from standard LCD keypads, a color graphical LCD touch screen or ATM-style keypads. A complete overview of available keypads and their features can be found below.

Overview Brochure


B942 Touch Screen

B921C Capacitive Touch

B920 Text with Function Keys

B930 Text with Soft Keys

B915 Text


Bosch detectors provide best-in-class false alarm immunity and catch performance. A comprehensive portfolio of wired and wireless detectors is available and includes wall and ceiling mount motion detectors, glass break detectors, door/window contacts, request-to-exit PIR, seismic and shock detectors, and photoelectric beams.

B Series panels support both RADION and Inovonics wireless detectors when combined with the appropriate receiver.

Overview Brochure
Quick Selection Guide


B Series panels provide eight on-board inputs and can be expanded with the B208 octo-input module.

Expanded inputs

Expanding beyond eight inputs (points) requires the B208 octo-input module. Each module provides 8 inputs. B208 capacities vary by control panel model. Reference the panel capacity chart for details.

Capacity Chart


B208 Octo-input module


B Series panels provide three on-board outputs and can be expanded with the B308 octo-output module.

On-board outputs

Output 1 is configurable and is typically used for sirens. Most 12V DC sirens are compatible with B Series panels. Outputs 2 and 3 are open collector outputs that are typically used for triggering other devices.

Expanded outputs

Expanding beyond three outputs requires the B308 octo-output module. Each module provides 8 configurable relay outputs. B308 capacities vary by control panel model. Reference the panel capacity chart for details.

Capacity Chart


B308 Octo-Output Module

Communication Technologies

There are three options available for remote programming and panel communication with a central monitoring station. Each panel has an on-board Ethernet port for wired IP communication and an expansion slot that can accept plug-in modules for cellular communication or traditional telephone (PSTN) communication.

Ethernet (Wired IP)

B Series panels include a built-in Ethernet port for IP communications. If IP communication over Ethernet is the only panel communication method needed, no additional hardware is required.

Cellular (Wireless IP)

A Conettix plug-in cellular communicator is required if cellular communication with the panel is desired. The plug-in cards ensure that as cellular technology changes your panel investment is protected and all that is needed is a new plug-in cellular module.

Three cellular models are available so that you can select the most appropriate network to provide the best cellular coverage at the installation site. The table below shows the compatible networks for each plug-in module. Download a detailed data sheet by clicking on the catalog number in the chart below.

Plug-in Module Cellular Network Compatibility
Verizon AT&T/T-Mobile

*The B443 is available without the SIM card (B443) or with an AT&T SIM card (B443-ATT-SIM). The B440 and B441 do not require a SIM card.


Cellular communicator modules require an Installer Services account with Bosch in order to activate the modules on a data plan using Bosch’s Remote Programming Software (RPS). For more information on signing up for Bosch cellular service visit the Service Sign-up section.

Telephone (PSTN)

The B430 plug-in Telephone Communicator provides communication over public switched telephone networks (PSTN) using a single telephone line.


If PSTN is the only communication method, the mobile app cannot be used and remote firmware updates are not possible.


B430 Plug-In Telephone Communicator

Software Download

Remote Programming Software (RPS)

Bosch’s Remote Programming Software (RPS) is a free software download that is required to fully program a B Series panel (limited programming can be done via keypads). In addition to programming, RPS provides account record storage, remote control, mobile app profiles and diagnostics on specific control panels. B Series panels can be programmed with RPS either remotely or locally.

Download RPS Software v6.06 (Windows 7/8/10, Server 2008/2012)
Download RPS Software Lite v6.06 (Windows 7/8/10, Server 2008/2012)
Download RPS 6.00-6.04 service pack
Installation Guide
Installation Video


Remote Programming Software

Video Overview

Configuration Assistant
Account Assistant


Have Bosch’s B99 USB cable on-site to connect your laptop to the control panel for local programming.


Load RPS on your computer before installing the panel.

Mobile Apps

Remote Security Control App

The remote security control app provides end-users a convenient way to arm and disarm one or more systems or areas, as well as check system status, view live video streams from any connected Bosch IP cameras, and control connected outputs and doors. The app is freely available for both iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores.

iOS download
Android download


In order to connect the app to a system you must provide your customer with a remote access profile that is created in RPS. More details on how to build and send profiles can be found in the programming section. This provides an option to generate recurring monthly revenue (RMR) when providing app access to customers.

Remote Security Plus App

The Remote Security Plus app is an expanded version of the app described above that also includes the ability to control home automation devices connected through the G100 Z-Wave gateway such as lights, garage doors, thermostats or any other device connected through the G100 gateway.

iOS download
Android download


You must have a G100 gateway to use the Remote Security Plus app and a home automation service account (see Service Sign-up section).

Service Signup

Cellular communication, home automation, and cloud connectivity require a service account with Bosch. Visit our service portal using the link below to create an account and register devices.

Portal Brochure
Service Portal
Service Portal Video


Bosch offers cellular service plans that align with the common applications for cellular connectivity on Bosch control panels, such as destination supervision (poll rate) and session based applications such as RPS and the RSC app. To reduce the risk of overages, Bosch offers a shared data structure for all devices enrolled under a single account.

Cellular Service
Available cell modules

Bosch’s cellular solution offers simple set-up and installation without the hassle of independent and third party configurations. With Bosch’s complete cellular solution, we ensure:

  • Zero cancellation fees - ensures flexibility
  • Private Static IP - easy remote programming and smart phone access
  • End-to-End Tech Support - one point of contact for fast complete service including mobile RSC app support
  • RPS Integration - enables remote programming over cellular connection
  • Web Portal - up to date data on all your accounts
  • Data Watchdog - reduces overage charges

Remote Connect Cloud Services

Faster installs and recurring revenue are the goals for dealers using Bosch’s new cloud-based Remote Connect service. With installations now commonly involving private networks with routers, IP devices and firewalls, Bosch has developed a cloud-based service that enables remote access from RPS and Apps, while eliminating the need to manage complex network configuration processes manually. The service also includes the opportunity to establish recurring revenue with the Remote Security Control (RSC) application.

Bosch utilizes the latest and most trusted connection technologies to ensure security when using the cloud. B Series panels are programmed in the factory with a unique Cloud ID and PKI certificate (Public Key Infrastructure) to ensure authenticity. The panel checks the cloud certificate and establishes a secure TLS control channel to ensure there is always a secure connection between the panel and cloud.

Remote Connect Brochure

Home Automation

Bosch’s support of industry-standard Z-Wave devices through the G100 gateway provides flexible, wireless control of internal and external lights, door locks, thermostats, IP video, and more.

The G100 can also interact with the Bosch alarm system so that established home automation scenes can include security panel actions such as arming or disarming the security system. Likewise arming or disarming the security system can also adjust temperature and lighting, or locking and unlocking doors.

Home Control Service
G100 supported device list
G100 quickstart guide


G100 datasheet

Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring of B Series panels using IP communication over Ethernet or cellular networks requires a central station equipped with a Bosch Conettix receiver. Panels utilizing only the PSTN communication module can be received by most central monitoring stations.

There are number of Conettix ready central stations that offer contract monitoring services for Bosch panels. Alternatively, you can monitor your own B Series panels by purchasing a Conettix D6600 or D6100IPv6 communications receiver.

Conettix Product Guide


Conettix D6600 datasheet

Conettix D6100IPv6 datasheet

Bosch Cloud-based Monitoring Services - Partner Monitoring Centers

Our Cloud-based Monitoring Services allow you to deliver remote video verification, virtual guard, assistance and surveillance services, and more to your customers. You get a new recurring monthly revenue stream while your customers benefit from a professional security solution with little onsite infrastructure.

Contact one of our Monitoring Center partners below to discuss how cloud-based services can work for you.

Company Name Website Contact Information
Ace Monitoringacemonitoring.us(800) 589-4534
Alarm Central Station - Alcestewww.alceste.com(800) 452-3555
Blue Ridge Monitoringblueridgesecuritysolutions.com(877) 898-2000,
Central Station Monitoringcsmul.com(503) 630-8981
Consumer Security consumer-security.com(888) 217-0776
DAMAR Securitydispatchcenter.net(877) 263-2627
Dispatch Center dispatchcenter.net(210) 491-3400
Electronixelectronixsystems.com(631) 271-4000
Global-linkwww.global-link.ca(888) 293-1173 x308
Guardian Securityguardiansecurity.com(206) 622-6545
Nuvolacsnuvola.com(844) 868-8652
Nuvola Centrale de Securitecsnuvola.com(844) 868-8652
Paladin Securitywww.paladinsecurity.com(604) 296-3137
Quick Responsewww.quickresponse.net(216) 389-0610
SecuriGuardsecuriguard.com(888) 801-0222
Security Response Centersecurityresponse.ca/(800) 688-7721
Southwest Dispatchwww.southwestdispatch.com/(800) 683-6773
Southwest Dispatch Centersouthwestdispatch.com(800) 683-6773
WH International Response Centerwhirc.com(800) 858-7811

Your preferred monitoring center not on this list? Ask them to contact:
Chris Larcinese
(585) 678-3405

Optional Hardware

Access Modules and Card Readers

Adding door control to the B6512 requires the B901 access control module.


B901 Access Control Module


The B942 Touch Screen keypad includes a built-in proximity reader that supports EM4102 (125kHz) credentials such as the Bosch ACA-ATR13-RFID tag and ACD-ATR11ISO-RFID card.

Bosch also supplies a wide range of readers and credentials.

Reader Datasheets

ARD-FPBEPIC-OC BioMetric Fingerprint Reader with card reader

ARD-FPEPHP-OC BioMetric Fingerprint Reader with HID Prox card reader

D8229 Access Keypad

ARD-AYH12 EM Prox Wall Mount

ARD-AYJ12 EM Prox Mullion

ARD-AYK12 EM Prox Mini Mullion

ARD-AYQ12 EM Prox Vandal Resistant

ARD-SER40-WI LECTUS secure 4000 WI

ARD-SER10-WI LECTUS secure 1000 WI

IP Cameras

With Bosch intrusion to video integration, there is no server required. The control panel treats Bosch IP cameras as an integrated device and provides commands directly via a local area network. This eliminates the need for a third party server and reduces costs. It allows the camera’s video motion detection to activate points on the panel and panel events to trigger camera actions, including sending video snapshots via e-mail. This provides an easy path toward video alarm verification.

Intrusion Panel with Integrated IP Video Brochure
Bosch IP Camera Integration Application Note
Bosch IP Cameras Product Page

Residential Fire

In addition to being UL certified for residential and commercial burglar alarm systems, the B Series panels are also UL certified for residential fire (UL 985 – Household Fire Warning System). This means a single B Series panel can perform both functions.


D132A Reversing Relay

D125B Dual Class B Initiating Module

D192G Bell Supervision Module

B201 2-wire powered loop

F220 Smoke Detector

F220-B6R Four Wire Base

Home Automation Devices

Bosch’s support of industry-standard Z-Wave devices through the G100 gateway provides flexible, wireless control of internal and external lights, door locks, thermostats, IP video, and more.

The G100 can also interact with the Bosch alarm system so that established home automation scenes can include security panel actions such as arming or disarming the security system. Likewise arming or disarming the security system can also adjust temperature and lighting, or locking and unlocking doors.

G100 supported device list
G100 quickstart guide


G100 datasheet

Expansion Modules

The input or output capacity of a B Series panel can be increased up to the limit of the panel using one of the modules below.


B208 Octo-input module

B308 Octo-output module

Power Supplies and Batteries

The CX4010 transformer is required to power a B Series panel and is included in each B Series panel kit. If numerous devices are connected to the system, auxiliary power may be required and can be provided using the B520 Auxiliary power supply and TR1850 transformer. If battery backup is desired, most available 12V batteries sold for burglar alarm systems can be used to power the B Series panel. Bosch also supplies various batteries for this use.


CX4010 18VAC transformer

B520 Auxiliary Power Supply

TR1850 18VAC Transformer

D1218 18Ah 12V Battery

D126 7Ah 12V Battery

D135A Low-Battery Disconnect Module

D122 Dual Battery Harness


In addition to the B308 Octo-Output Module, the D130 Auxiliary Relay Module can be used with all Bosch Security Systems control panels. The relay module consists of a 12 VDC or 24 VDC relay. This device allows the system to handle larger amounts of current or different voltages that are beyond the control panel's auxiliary power rating.

Relays are also available for Form C dry contacts, each rated for 2A at 30 VDC.


B308 Octo-Output Module

D130 Auxiliary Relay

D133 Single Relay Module

D134 Dual Relay Module