In addition to the videos and manuals referenced below, Bosch offers both online and classroom training on B Series panels and programming. These courses can be accessed by registering online at the Bosch Training Academy.

Bosch Training Academy

Remote Programming Software (RPS)

Bosch’s Remote Programming Software (RPS) is a free software download that is required to fully program a B Series panel (limited programming can be done via keypads). In addition to programming, RPS provides account record storage, remote control, mobile app profiles and diagnostics on specific control panels. B Series panels can be programmed with RPS either remotely or locally.

Download RPS Software v6.10.001
Download RPS Software Lite v6.10.001
Download RPS / RPS Lite 6.10 service pack
Installation Guide
Installation Video


Remote Programming Software

Video Overview

Configuration Assistant
Account Assistant


Have Bosch’s B99 USB cable on-site to connect your laptop to the control panel for local programming.


Load RPS on your computer before installing the panel.

Keypad Programming

Full instructions for keypad programming can be found in Chapter 19 of the B Series installation manual.

Email and Text Personal Notifications

Creating the Remote Access Profile